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A seal of quality for bilingual education in French and another language


Launched in 2012, the "LabelFrancÉducation" seal is granted to schools promoting French language and culture as part of their specific curriculum. "LabelFrancÉducation" recognizes and rewards public or private schools that offer students enhanced instruction in the French language while also teaching other subjects in French. "LabelFrancÉducation" promotes outstanding education in French among students and parents.


"LabelFrancÉducation" is granted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the advice of an interministerial advisory committee composed of representatives from the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), the French institute (IF) and Mission Laïque Française, a non-profit organization.


The AEFE is in charge of managing the LabelFrancÉducation program. Since February 2012, 91 schools from all over the world have received the "LabelFrancÉducation" seal.


Vidéo sur la rencontre des coordonnateurs et professeurs des filières bilingues francophones LabelFrancEducation venus de Croatie, d’Espagne, de Grèce, d’Italie, du Portugal et de Turquie, les 1er et 2 avril 2019 à Madrid


List of accreditated schools

West Valley City, United States

Bratislava, Slovakia

Calendrier de la campagne de labellisation 2019


Date d'ouverture : 17/12/2018

Date de clôture : 08/03/2019 (23:59:59 UTC+1)

Date de la commission  : 24/06/2019